Cheering Gets Louder as California Governor Approves Wage Bill

August 19, 2015
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Jerry Brown, Governor of California, signed a new bill into law that requires that professional football and basketball teams both classify and treat their cheerleaders as employees. This would result in a minimum wage requirement from the potentially precedential piece of legislation. A.B. 202 was pitched by a former college cheerleader. It was officially given […]

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California Bill Provides Cheerleaders with Minimum Wage

July 29, 2015
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Last year everyone was looking at the Raiders cheerleaders and not just because they were on the field dancing and cheering for their favorite team. Raiders cheerleaders who worked for the team from 2010 through 2013 were the recipients of a $1.25 million settlement. With their dedication on the sidelines, promotional events, fan events, etc. […]

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Ride Sharing Companies, the “Sharing” Economy and Employment Law

July 22, 2015
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California is seeing more and more new court cases that are pushing the boundaries of established labor law and its ability to distinguish between employees and the independent contractor. This is becoming more and more difficult in the new “sharing economy” with many watching to see the outcome of the recent debate about ride-sharing companies […]

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Federal Government Cracking Down on Misclassification of Workers

July 16, 2015
misclassification of workers, southern california employment law, misclassification violations, misclassification suits, worker misclassification

Federal agencies are now taking the problem of worker misclassification more serious than ever. Steps are being taken by those agencies with oversight over a number of industries with frequent misclassification violations. The intention is to rein in as many of the violators as possible. As many know, worker misclassification occurs when an employer pays […]

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$228 Million Settlement Resolves Class Action Against FedEx

July 14, 2015
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FedEx Corporation agreed to pay $228 million settlement in order to resolve the class action lawsuit that was brought by FedEx Ground drivers in California. Drivers claimed that the company misclassified them as independent contractors instead of employees. They allege that doing so resulted in shorting FedEx driver wages and benefits. According to Friday’s ruling […]

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Hertz Hit with $4M Putative Class Action in California State Court: Not Properly Paying California Employees

June 17, 2015
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Hertz has been hit with a $4 million putative class action lawsuit. The suit was filed in California state court. In the suit allegations were made that the company failed to property pay California employees who worked through breaks. Allegations were also made that Hertz swindled employees out of overtime wages. Juan Herrera is the […]

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Lost Wages, Job Misclassification Suit: LA, Long Beach Port Truckers Sue Carson

June 3, 2015
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Vasquez and Montoya, two truck drivers from California, filed suit against their employer, Sterling Express. The Carson trucking company allegedly violated state labor code: failing to provide drivers with appropriate wages as due by misclassifying truck drivers as independent contractors when they should have been labeled as employees. Jose Vasquez of Lynwood and Elmer Montoya […]

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State Wage Suit Against Los Angeles Events Contract Company

May 27, 2015
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Noble LA Events, Inc. placed workers at The Theatre at Ace Hotel as well as the APEX condo tower in LA. A contract employee of the company filed a state wage suit in California state court stating allegations that he was denied overtime and appropriate meal breaks while on the job. The Plaintiff, David Moorer, […]

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Overtime Pay Lawsuit: Avon District Managers Seek Compensation

May 20, 2015
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Judge Beth Labson Freeman ruled that a lawsuit brought against Avon Beauty Products on behalf of their District Sales Managers should proceed as a class action. All employees who worked or are working as Avon District Sales Managers in California since April 2009 can join the class action in pursuit of unpaid overtime wages.   […]

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Manipulation of Employee Classification and Denial of Overtime Pay: Workers Sue Walmart

May 13, 2015
manipulation of employee classification, denial of overtime pay, southern california employment law attorneys, class action lawsuit, illegally denied overtime pay, denied overtime

A potential class action lawsuit over alleged wage theft is threatening Walmart. An employee claims that managers were illegally denied overtime pay. Bonnie Cardoza, worked as an assistant manager at Walmart for approximately five years, claims that she and other managerial level employees were denied overtime even though they were routinely asked to perform the […]

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California Overtime Lawsuits Against On-Demand Companies Increasing

May 6, 2015
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The on-demand economy in California is experiencing unprecedented growth – from car services to cleaning companies. Some suspect California overtime laws to slow the growth as well known suits against Uber and Lyft are still pending (since 2013) and additional suits are being filed against numerous other companies with similar business models: Homejoy, Postmates, Try […]

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