Overtime Lawsuit Between NYPD Sergeants and the City Results in $8 Million Settlement

March 4, 2015
failure to pay overtime lawsuit southern california, Overtime lawsuit, overtime lawsuit settlement

The City agreed to pay $8 million to over 5,000 sergeants to settle an overtime lawsuit in which they claim the city failed to pay for overtime (Edmund Small et. al. vs. City of New York and the New York City Police Department). The suit was filed in May of 2014 in the Southern District […]

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Proposed Overtime Rule Changes Would Increase the Number of Workers Eligible for Overtime Compensation

February 25, 2015
California Overtime Law Class Action Seeking -5 Million

Policy experts are talking about what’s ahead for employers and their workers. The Obama administration’s proposed overtime rule changes would significantly increase the number of workers eligible for overtime compensation. Experts on employment law expect the changes to include an increase in the threshold and changes to the definition of “exempt duties” to increase specificity […]

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Obama Administration Plans to Make Changes in Who Gets Overtime Pay

February 16, 2015

Many are anticipating changes to who gets overtime pay and experts say the changes may be coming soon. The Obama administration is expected to make a move soon on the proposed changes that would provide overtime pay protections to additional workers who don’t currently qualify (such as low paid managers). This change could affect millions […]

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California’s Fair Chance Employment Act: Targeting Construction Contractors

January 28, 2015
have you ever been convicted of a felony? remove the checkbox regarding criminal history california employment law

California employees and employers alike should know that a new 2015 California employment law took effect on January 1st requiring that employers who are making bids on state contracts that involve onsite construction-related services to certify that they have “banned the box” on the applications they receive for onsite construction-related jobs. The new law actually prohibits […]

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Security Screening of Warehouse Workers Found Not Compensable Under FLSA

January 21, 2015
shipments_noncompensable under flsa_security screening of warehouse workers, punitive class action

In Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. v. Busk, 574 U.S._, 2014 WL 6885951 (2014), warehouse workers claim they were required to spend time waiting to undergo and then spend time actually completing security screenings that were implemented in order to prevent employee thefts at the close of shifts. Allegations indicate that the screenings required approximately 25 […]

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Court Rules that On-call Workers Entitled to Pay for Hours Spent at the Job

January 14, 2015
getting paid to sleep_dream job_on call workers entitled to pay for hours on site

A recent ruling by California’s highest court could have a huge impact for California workers. Justice Carol A. Corrigan said security guards who were required to stay in trailers onsite while on-call were entitled to payment for all hours spent on site, regardless of what they were doing (even if they were simply sleeping). The […]

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MetroPCS NY, Calif. Overtime Pay Claim Settled for $1.85M

January 7, 2015
overtime pay claims tmobile pays settlement for calif. overtime case

In December 2014, a New York state judge approved a $1.85 million settlement regarding a case between MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. and account service representatives. The representatives claimed that telecom failed to pay appropriate overtime wages as required by law. Claims were remaining from a federal collective action. Claims were brought by the plaintiffs in New […]

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Georgetown Police Officers Receive $32,000 in Back Pay After Accounting System Mistake

December 23, 2014
officers receive back pay after payroll system shortchanges them for years

Current and former police officers received a combined $32,000 in retroactive pay from the Georgetown Police Department in November 2014. The officers received back pay after an accounting system mistake. It was decided that the payroll accounting system had been regularly short-changing officers throughout several years. The amount of back pay issued to the Georgetown […]

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New White-Collar Overtime Pay Rule Pushed Back to February 2015

December 16, 2014
white collar overtime pay rule

The Department of Labor (DOL) is expected to release a new rule regarding the payment of overtime to white-collar workers in February of 2015. The proposed rule has been rolled back. Originally, the Department of Labor created a self imposed November 2014 deadline. The proposed white-collar overtime pay rule could make overtime pay available to […]

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Fair Labor Standards Act Means Many Exotic Dancers are Misclassified

December 10, 2014
exotic dancers file suit misclassified as independent contractors

There has been a recent wave of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) rulings finding employers in violation of the law, particularly in the adult entertainment industry. Early in 2014, a New York judge approved an $8 million settlement for dancers at an adult establishment after allegations of misclassification as independent contractors. Last month, another […]

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Misclassification of Independent Contractors: Major Problem for Employers and Employees

December 4, 2014
fine line between employee and independent contractor

Many find the line between an independent contractor and an employee almost indecipherable. It’s a very fine line to walk. But it’s more important than ever that the time be taken to pin down the accurate definitions and details to avoid “misclassification” of employees as independent contractors. This violation is being given high priority by […]

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