300 Workers Receive $380,000 in Back Wages from Syracuse Area Contractor

December 1, 2014
Drywall installers filed suit won settlement

300 drywall installers have been awarded $380,000 in back wages. Federal officials say that they were misclassified as independent contractors by a Syracuse area contractor. The U.S. Department of Labor alleged that the company, General Interior Systems (GIS), Inc. of Clay, misclassified employees in an effort to avoid the payment of overtime and employee benefits […]

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Pay & Overtime Violations Lawsuit Filed by Google Contractor

November 26, 2014
magazine merchandiser, google, contractor files suit for overtime pay

A Google contractor filed suit against Google, claiming that they failed to provide overtime pay, misclassified him as an independent contractor, and terminated his employment after he requested more hours be covered under his contract with the company. The suit was filed in New York federal court and the plaintiff seeks collective action status on […]

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Unpaid On-Duty Time Case: Truck Drivers vs. Walmart Gets Class-Action Certification

November 19, 2014
truck drivers file california class action lawsuit

A California federal court recently ruled that the lawsuit California truck drivers brought against Walmart for unpaid on-duty time case continue as a class-action lawsuit. The ruling, issued by U.S. District Judge Susan Illston on September 10, 2014, is in reference to claims brought by California truck drivers that originated in 2008. The truck drivers, plaintiffs, […]

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Southern California Labor Workers Owed Millions in Overtime and Back Wages

November 12, 2014
garment industry workers due millions in overtime

As a result of a survey of 221 investigations over the last year, the U.S. Department of Labor found that over 1,500 Southern California garment workers are owed over $3 million in back wages and overtime. According to the department, on average, each of the 1,500+ Southern California workers are owed $1,900 in unpaid wages. […]

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Overtime Pay Protections Extended to Home Care Workers

November 4, 2014
overtime pay for home care workers, overtime pay protection, new california overtime law

The final rule to extend minimum wage and overtime pay protections to home care workers takes effect on January 1, 2015. Tuesday, the Department of Labor announced that it won’t be enforcing the final rule until 6 months later. California officials responded to the federal decision regarding the delayed enforcement by stating that it would […]

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Class Action Filed by California Caregivers for Failure to Pay Overtime and Minimum Wage

October 29, 2014
tired caregive failure to pay minimum wage and overtime wages

A group of caregivers out of California filed a class action lawsuit against Kindred Healthcare, Inc. for alleged failures to pay minimum wage and appropriate overtime wages. In addition, the suit claims that there were rest and meal break violations. Kindred Healthcare is one of the largest post-acute healthcare services facilities in the country and […]

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Holiday Retirement, Senior Living Company, Faces Overtime Suit

October 22, 2014
caregivers california overtime

A class action lawsuit was filed in California against Harvest Management Sub, LLC dba Holiday Retirement. The complaint included allegations of intentional misclassification of employees as exempt. In many cases, it is believed that businesses intentionally misclassify their employees in this fashion as a means of avoiding the additional expense required to provide workers with […]

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When Independent Contractors are Actually Employees

October 8, 2014
independent contractor or employee

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if you are an employee or an independent contractor. Even more often it’s hard to know if you actually en employee even though you’re called an independent contractor . If you’re not sure, you might be one of the many who are “employees” in everything but title. You might be […]

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An Ex Late with David Letterman Intern Drops Minimum Wage and Overtime Lawsuit

September 30, 2014
unpaid intern, class action lawsuit, wage and overtime laws

In recent news, an ex-intern who previously worked with David Letterman on the Late Show dropped a class action lawsuit. The unpaid intern filed against CBS and Letterman’s production company, Worldwide Pants, but dropped the suit within days of filing. The notice of discontinuance said that the suit was “discontinued in its entirety without prejudice.” […]

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California May Mandate Paid Sick Leave

September 25, 2014
sick employee new paid sick leave California labor law

California Governor Jerry Brown signed bill A.B. 1522 on September 10, 2014. The bill is officially known as the Healthy Workplace, Healthy Family Act of 2014. The bill requires California employers to provide employees with a minimum of three paid sick days each year. The only other state with such a law already in place […]

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Wage Case Class Action Against Allstate Certified by Federal Appeals Court

September 17, 2014
off the clock work wage case class action suit

Allstate Insurance was handed a shocking defeat by the Federal Appeals Court regarding the wage case class action filed against them involving 800 Allstate employees in California. The case was handled by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which ruled in a 16 page ruling that the class action lawsuit alleging that the major insurance […]

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